My name is Cindy Bracknell, photographer and designer. My products include postcards, note cards, greeting cards, magnets, bookmarks, and fine art prints made up of my photos and/or designs: some with a quote or verse to encourage, inspire, or provoke a thought. My photos are of nature (landscapes, flowers, and wildlife).

I love to be encouraged and inspired by a good quote or a scripture verse. It is a lot of fun to combine my favorite verses and quotes with my designs and photography to encourage and inspire others.


A little about me:

In my mid fifties I decided to do something creative with my computer (besides playing computer games and e-mail) and enrolled in an introductory graphic design class. It was love at first class. By age fifty-nine I had earned an Associate degree in Graphic design. I also took several photography classes and did an internship with a professional photographer.

So here I am after 36 years in nursing (16 with Hospice) I have started a new career as an entrepreneur doing something I love.